Industrial Hardware

Pallet Gates

Ensure that your mezzanine or warehouse floor is a safe working environment with ProStorage Swing, Sliding and Pivot Pallet Gates.  Designed to provide continuous protection for team members loading and unloading pallets onto mezzanine floors or raised working surfaces, our mezzanine gates are durable, productive, and ensure complete safety and operational efficiency.

Stairs & Handrails

Custom made, easy-to-install industrial staircases and handrails for indoor and outdoor applications. ProStorage stairs, ladders and handrails are professionally engineered with heavy-gauge steel and are designed to suit your mezzanine, work platform, conveyor crossover, fire exits, in-plant offices, and walkway spaces.

Forklift Trucks

Different Types of Forklift trucks

Narrow Aisle forklift comes in different classes such as Reach Trucks, VNAs, and Pivot Steers. These forklifts are slim designed to fit into narrow and thin spaces that regular forklifts cannot.
Reach Trucks have forward lifting prongs that reach heights that you might not be able to. They are mainly used in warehouses where storage is done in high, narrow spaces.
Pallet Trucks: These trucks are handheld and do not come with a cab for a person to operate.
Stackers Trucks are designed to lift pallets to 5 meters in height.they do not possess any cable or power.
Side Loader This truck lifts goods attached to one side of the vehicle and is used in handling containers.


Personal Protective Equipment’, refers to the essential clothing and equipment that can potentially ensure the safety of workers on site or in a warehouse environment.

Work Benches

The first major function of a workbench is to support applications that involve large tools. Industrial workbenches are used for finishing, assembling, and component repair.

Cat Ladder

Designed specifically for use where safe, vertical access is required, Vertical Access Ladder or Cat Ladder Kit is a safe, simple modular design with individual parts that bolt together to forma a complete ladder that offers a safe solution to almost any access problems.

Mobile Ladders

They are designed with safety features in mind such as guardrails, lockable wheels and non-slip steps which provide a hands-free platform that is safe and secure for the operator to go about their daily activities such as grabbing stored items or working on an elevated area.

Column Protectors

Protect columns and vertical structures from vehicle impacts with high-visibility, industrial-strength column protectors. Designed to absorb and dissipate impact through the system and away from columns and floors. Featuring multi-directional posts to accommodate any size, shape or location of column. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, thanks to waterproofing and UV protected coatings.

Safety Bollards

ProStorage bollards are ideal for protecting areas around a warehouse such as roller doors, personnel doors or emergency exits, or any area which requires a barrier to protect against accident impact from a forklift or vehicle.

Steel Chutes

Steel chutes are ideal solution to support a fast-paced operation with goods moving at speed. They create a rapid and effective way to transport goods from mezzanine floors to lower levels where they are prepared for despatch, allowing for a speedy, yet streamlined customer order fulfilment process.

Steel Stillage's

A stillage is usually designed and manufactured using steel and is used for separating and carrying goods, for example to move them around a factory floor or to aid in the transportation of goods.

Light Duty Racking

Light duty racking is a practical and cost-effective storage solution designed for environments where the storage of smaller and lighter items is required. This type of racking system is characterized by its lightweight construction and versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications such as retail spaces, offices, and smaller warehouses. Light duty racks are typically made from materials like steel or other alloys, providing a balance between strength and weight that is well-suited for handling lighter loads.

Powered Conveyors

Conveyor belts are automated tracks used to transport materials and goods within a facility. They are an essential component of modern warehousing, offering a reliable and efficient method for moving items across various distances and configurations

Goods Hoist

A goods hoist is a type of lifting equipment used to vertically transport goods or materials between different levels of a building or structure. It consists of a platform or carriage that moves up and down along a guide rail or mast. Goods hoists are commonly used in warehouses, factories, construction sites, and other industrial settings to efficiently and safely transfer heavy or bulky items without the need for manual lifting or carrying. They help streamline logistics and improve workplace productivity by providing a convenient method for moving goods between floors.

Suspended Walkways

Suspended walkways are an important safety feature for users when working at height and are to provide access to ceiling spaces above heavy machinery and to also provide a solution in a workspace where there is limited space.

Shutterply Boards

Shutterply consists of layers of 100% Pine ply to form an economical building board. This board is intended for construction use and sub floors only 

Armco Barrier

Are designed to withstand a heavy impact and prevent something else from taking the blow, Armco barriers can also give an indicator of where pedestrians are safe to walk in a warehouse and which areas are mainly used by moving vehicles.

Sliding gate - Forklift access

The Sliding gate eliminates access risks and fall hazards by ensuring protection at delivery points on mezzanine levels, elevated floors and loading bays. It easily secures work areas and promotes safe loading and unloading processes.

Fibre Glass Grating

Fiberglass grating is often used when there are safety concerns due to liquids or oils on the floor and more corrosive environments needing chemical resistance. Many applications can benefit from fiberglass grating, such as: walkways, platforms, protective shielding, machinery housings, raised floors and stairways.

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