Warehouse Safety Tips

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Warehouse Safety Tips

Warehouse Safety Tips

Warehouse safety should be the top priority for any reputable business using them. Every aspect, from container loading docks to forklift safety needs careful scrutiny. Understanding common warehouse hazards can go a long way towards protecting your employees.
This article will cover several tips for ensuring health and safety at the workplace. Be sure to keep your workers safe while they operate between materials in storage. Below, we’ll begin with forklifts, a common source of warehouse hazards.

Forklift Safety

Forklifts serve a crucial role in most warehouses and storage facilities today. But, moving heavy loads around all day presents potential dangers without proper forklift safety. Forklift safety is often emphasized in publications and regulations for good reason. That being: forklifts can cause serious damage to operators and nearby workers.
In ensuring forklift safety, all operators need proper training and certification. What’s more, regular re-training is essential for drivers that don’t operate forklifts correctly. Additionally, it’s a good idea to check forklift controls and equipment on a daily basis. You cannot guarantee forklift safety without regular inspections.

Container Loading Docks

One of the most fatal warehouse safety hazards exists at the container loading docks. Often, accidents at container loading docks occur due to forklifts. One common risk is the forklift running of the edge of the dock and striking or crushing a worker.
Several safety measures exist to prevent injuries and fatalities at container loading docks. At all times, forklift operators must be attentive and drive with caution. They should also ensure that the container loading docks edges have enough clearance to support loads. Additionally, warning signs should always be up and visible. These ensure that personnel don’t walk into areas where they are at risk.

Materials Storage

At all times, materials storage should be orderly, and properly stacked. Uneven stacks and other preventable hazards can make for potentially dangerous trips. There are a few measures that exist to prevent materials storage hazards.
Keeping aisles and walkways clear and well-maintained goes a long way towards health and safety at the workplace. Aside from materials storage itself, signs and floor markings should be clearly visible. Products in storage must have correct and even position. Additionally, place heavier loads in materials storage on lower shelves.

Manual Lifting and Handling

Health and safety at the workplace starts with the business personnel. Improper manual lifting techniques can lead to many short-and-long term health effects. Poor posture and bad lifting technique can often lead to skeletal damage. And, very often, this damage is permanent. Warehouse safety is a priority here.
Where possible, plan ahead. Good planning eliminates a lot of unnecessary manual labour, and also saves time. As well, if a product is too heavy for one person to carry, they should seek help from a co-worker.

Pro-Storage Makes Health and Safety at the Workplace a Priority

Too often, businesses will disregard warehouse safety in the interests of cutting costs. The end result is an extremely hazardous work environment with serious risks of injury and death. Pro-Storage doesn’t compromise on health and safety at the workplace. What’s more, the quality of our products and services matches the level of safety with which we provide them.

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