Storage Solutions: Tips for Optimal Warehouse Storage

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Storage Solutions: Tips for Optimal Warehouse Storage

Storage Solutions: Tips for Optimal Warehouse Storage

Storage Solutions: Tips for Optimal Warehouse Storage

There exists a storage solution for just about any problem relating to it. Storage solutions, especially those for warehouse shelving, are an essential warehouse storage component. Indeed, efficient storage enable warehouses to make the best possible use of space. In turn, this greatly assists with the streamlining and organisation of the warehouse.

This grants short and long term benefits for businesses. Having an effective storage solution is essential in many ways. Finding, processing, and moving products around becomes easier and quicker to do. Below is a list of a few of the fundamentals in finding the right storage solutions for your warehouse.

Planning Your Storage Solution

Planning comes first, and this is the same when creating efficient storage methods. By no means should you start throwing warehouse shelving around your floor space! In fact, it’s usually best to get help from an experienced materials handling company. At the very least, they should act in an advisory capacity.

In planning warehouse storage, floor plans are the most crucial point of reference. The storage solution needs to account for many different factors. These include receiving and shipping areas, staging areas, and office locations. There is also the designated lunch break areas, and how accessible each section must be.

Efficient Storage is Also Budget Reliant

In considering your storage solutions, the budget will be a constant factor. This includes the costs of warehouse shelving, as well as design and installation. Additionally, knowing the type of racking you’ll need is essential.

While you do need to save money as much as possible, you’ll want to avoid cutting corners as well. The trick here is value for money while meeting your warehouse storage needs in the short and long term. Also be aware: you may need a more specialised storage solution, which will affect the budget.

Increasing Your Vertical Space

You may reach a point wherein your storage solutions are reaching capacity. If this is the case, consider adding vertical storage before expanding your warehouse. Here, efficient storage means making use of vertical space for further capacity.

This method is excellent for avoiding the costs involved with expansion. Using vertical warehouse shelving here will also increase your general storage efficiency. This is thanks to your warehouse storage existing in a single location.

Assign Warehouse Shelving to High and Low Flow Sections

You will likely have a range of different stock within your storage solution. Thus, it’s important to recognise the rate at which this stock moves within and out of the warehouse. Knowing this, you should divide your storage solutions into “high” and “low” flow areas.

Thus, you should assign more personnel to handling high flow areas. This way, you can efficiently move products as needed. High flow areas should also be easily accessible, with more efficient storage assigned. In both areas, though, you’ll need enough warehouse shelving.

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