Storage Solutions – Choosing the Right Racking and Shelving Types

Purpose and Functionality

Storage Solutions – Choosing the Right Racking and Shelving Types

Storage Solutions – Choosing the Right Racking and Shelving Types

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A huge warehouse is nothing without the racking and shelving it needs for storage. It’s crucial for any business to have the correct storage solutions for their needs. Racking systems serve the essential purpose of storing equipment, materials, and more. A warehouse facility with efficient materials handling systems will save a time and money in the long run.


There are a few fundamental considerations for choosing the right storage system. With them, you can achieve parity between storage efficiency and cost-savings.

Consider the Business Type

Before choosing your racking and shelving system, consider your company. The benefits of some storage solutions may not be applicable for your operations. Pallets, for example, may be convenient for one business, but useless for another.

Selective pallet racking is a popular and low-cost opton for picking up heavy goods by the pallet. If you’re just in need of a quick, easily installed system, boltless shelving may be your best option. This is a popular storage method for small businesses without heavy loads.

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Consider the Cost of Racking Systems

Racking and Shelving

You will need to justify the total costs of the project before going ahead with it

You will need to justify the total costs of the project before going ahead with it. It is a crucial determining factor, which will affect the decisionmaking process. Assigning too much of a budget could end up damaging profits. Additionally, you may end up with a system that the business can’t use to the fullest extent.

Always have an idea of how much you want to spend on the materials handling system. What type of storage system are you looking at? How much will it cost? How much will the contractor or supplier charge you? Is there a cheaper alternative that can do the job just as well, or even better? Everything will need careful consideration.

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Consider Your Maximum Materials Handling Capacity

Where possible, you want a versatile racking and shelving arrangement. Consider the usable floor space of the warehouse for this project. Think about the most efficient ways to use this space. Additionally, it’s worth accounting for future changes to the system!

Another crucial consideration is load weight. You storage solutions should be able to handle all intended loads that they will receive. Further, choose shelving or racking systems with a greater load capacity than needed. It’s better to err on the side of caution, than risk disaster further down the line.

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Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, your materials handling solution needs to be versatile and intelligent. It should be able to handle the needs of the business in the short and long term. It should also be flexible enough to account for future changes.