Safety Accessories

Pallet Gates

Ensure that your mezzanine or warehouse floor is a safe working environment with ProStorage Swing, Sliding and Pivot Pallet Gates.  Designed to provide continuous protection for team members loading and unloading pallets onto mezzanine floors or raised working surfaces, our mezzanine gates are durable, productive, and ensure complete safety and operational efficiency.

Column Protectors

Protect columns and vertical structures from vehicle impacts with high-visibility, industrial-strength column protectors. Designed to absorb and dissipate impact through the system and away from columns and floors. Featuring multi-directional posts to accommodate any size, shape or location of column. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, thanks to waterproofing and UV protected coatings.

Cat Ladders

Our custom designed Cat Ladders are built and installed to access mezzanine levels when floor space is limited and can also be used for fire escape purposes. Ideal for indoor or outdoor applications including mezzanines, loading docks, fire exits and elevated work areas.

Stairs & Handrails

Custom made, easy-to-install industrial staircases and handrails for indoor and outdoor applications. ProStorage stairs, ladders and handrails are professionally engineered with heavy-gauge steel and are designed to suit your mezzanine, work platform, conveyor crossover, fire exits, in-plant offices, and walkway spaces.


ProStorage bollards are ideal for protecting areas around a warehouse such as roller doors, personnel doors or emergency exits, or any area which requires a barrier to protect against accident impact from a forklift or vehicle.

Steel Chutes

Steel chutes are ideal solution to support a fast-paced operation with goods moving at speed. They create a rapid and effective way to transport goods from mezzanine floors to lower levels where they are prepared for despatch, allowing for a speedy, yet streamlined customer order fulfilment process.

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