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Storage Services and Solutions

Storage Services and Solutions

ProStorage Concepts: Storage Services and Solutions

Welcome to ProStorage Concepts. We are a company specialising in materials handling equipment and storage solutions. We also have more to offer aside from our storage services and products. Indeed, we also offer free design services and consultancy services.

These design and consultancy services are all inclusive. Specifically, we will conduct the initial site visit, provide recommendations, and create drawings. From there, we provide a comprehensive proposal along with prices.
As a part of our design services, we use Computer Assisted software to create the drawings. Then, upon acceptance of the drawing, the company will supply the equipment. What’s more, we will install the equipment in compliance with specified standards.

Compliant Design Services and Consultancy Services

All materials handling equipment and storage solutions we supply conform to set standards. This includes national and international standards. Our steel work, for example, is in compliance with SABS 0162.

Qualified senior consultants check all the designs that we provide. What’s more, professional engineers will certify the integrity of any system. These act as additions to our storage services. We provide these design and consultancy services for the client’s peace of mind.

Storage Solutions and Materials Handling Equipment for Any Application

ProStorage is a service-oriented and client-centric supplier. To this end, we feel we are able to provide storage solutions to suit any application. Our storage services are extensive, able to handle various aspects of the industry.

We accommodate the greatest usage of a limited space. Specfically, this ranges from a few boxes to full warehouses. ProStorage concepts offers planning expertise, project management, technical support, and maintenance. Our materials handling equipment and related services are individually tailored to your requirements.

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors allow for custom design in these cost effective structures. These make up a large part of our storage solutions. What’s more, they are available with decking of timber, steel, or steel grating.

We make our mezzanine floors to suit just about any size and load conditions. They’re also designed in compliance with SABS 0162, with a certificate provided. Thanks to our extensive storage services, they also have a bolted construction. This makes them easy to extend or move.

Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are materials handling equipment well suited to long or bulky products. They are free standing, and also custom designed thanks to our design services.

In similar fashion to our mezzanine floors, we can make them to suit any size and load conditions. They are also designed to SABS 0162, with a bolted construction that makes them easy to extend or move.

Steel Shelving

ProStorage supplies steel shelving in various shelf depths and unit heights. What’s more, we can also custom design these to suit requirements as needed. In this regard, our design and consultancy services can assist.

Our steel shelving also includes a range of accessories intended for different applications.

Heavy Duty Racking

We design all our heavy duty racking systems to meet exact customer requirements. These storage solutions also meet local and international standards as needed.

We are able to design heavy duty racking to suit any size and load conditions.

Gravity Conveyors

Our gravity conveyor steel rollers range in size from 35mm to 76mm. We provide extensive storage services to our clients. Thanks to this, we can custom design our conveyors to suit certain loads and conditions.
The gravity conveyors come available with a full range of accessories.

Rack Safety equipment

Our rack safety equipment can absorb up to 350 Nm frontal impact. It’s fabricated from heavy duty 5mm steel.
We can make this equipment to fit any rack width.