Storage Solutions: Tips for Optimal Warehouse Storage

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Storage Solutions: Tips for Optimal Warehouse Storage

Storage Solutions: Tips for Optimal Warehouse Storage

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Efficient storage enables warehouses to make the best possible use of space. This is essential for properly streamlining and organising your business.

If you have a storage issue, you can be almost certain that there is a solution for it. Storage solutions, especially those for warehouse shelving, are a must-have warehouse storage component. Efficient storage enables warehouses to make the best possible use of space. In turn, this allows for the streamlining and organisation of the warehouse.

Having a well-designed storage solution offers short and long-term benefits for businesses. Indeed, it is effective in a large number of ways. Finding, processing, and moving products around becomes easier and quicker to do. Below is a list of a few of the basics in finding the right storage solutions for your warehouse.

A Well-Planned Storage System is Key

In most situations, planning should come first. This is no different when creating efficient storage methods. You should by no means start throwing warehouse shelving around the space without a plan! In fact, it’s usually best to get help from an experienced materials handling company. At the very least, they should consult as expert advisors in your project.

Floor plans will be the most critical reference point when planning warehouse storage. The storage solution needs to account for many different factors. These include receiving and shipping areas, staging areas, and office locations. Plans should consider designated break areas, and how accessible each section must be.

Efficient Storage is Budget Friendly Storage

In any project, big or small, budget is a constant consideration. When developing your storage solution, you’ll be paying close attention to the numbers. This includes the costs of warehouse shelving, as well as design and installation. Additionally, knowing the type of racking you’ll need is essential.

Cutting corners can be tempting when trying to save money, but you will want to avoid this where possible. You want to find a quality product that’s great value for money. Of course, it must still meet your warehouse storage needs in the short and long term. The more complex and specialised a storage solution you need, the more it will affect your budget.

Increasing Your Vertical Space

Your storage solutions will eventually reach their capacity. When this happens, consider adding vertical storage before expanding your warehouse. Here, efficient storage means using the available vertical space.

Building up instead of out can be a great money saver, too. Using vertical warehouse shelving here will also increase your general storage efficiency. This is due to your warehouse storage existing in a single location.

Use Warehouse Shelving in High and Low Flow Sections

Warehouse Shelves

Try to organise your shelves into high and low-flow sections. Once done, assign more staff to high-flow areas for increased efficiency.

It is probable that you will have a vast range of stock within your storage solution. It’s imperative to recognise the rate at which this stock moves both within and out of the warehouse. Knowing this, you should divide your storage solutions into “high” and “low” flow areas.

Next, you should assign more staff to handling high flow areas. This way, you can move products as needed with efficiency. High flow areas should also be easy to access, with more efficient storage assigned. In both areas, you’ll need enough warehouse shelving.

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