Mezzanine Floor Rental

Increase Your Effective Space

Mezzanine Floors for Rent

The convenience of extra space, without the hassle of considerable capital investment. Mezzanine rental is an excellent idea for business owners looking to increase floor space in these trying times.

Looking to expand your factory or warehouse space during these tough times? If so, then mezzanine floor rental is the ideal solution for your needs. You can rent mezzanine floor space with Pro Storage for a short-term project, or for a long term goal. We will also tailor our mezzanine flooring rental to suit your exact requirements.

We will do a site assessment to determine the correct size and load bearing capacity you need. We will provide staircase access, and safety railings with our mezzanine floor rental. Once complete, Pro Storage will give you an engineer’s certificate. This will certify the structural integrity of the raised storage platform.

Rent a Mezzanine Floor with Pro Storage

We will install the structural steel framework to SABS requirements. Our aim is allowing you to rent mezzanine floor space easily and conveniently. As such, at the end of your contract, we will dismantle and remove the structure. If needed, we can help to extend the lease on your mezzanine flooring rental as needed. Through our terms, you will only pay the first instalment after completion of the floor.

Why should you consider mezzanine floors to rent? With Pro Storage, we make it well worth your while.

Floor Space

Pro Storage is all about convenience. With our mezzanine floor rental, we greatly increase your usable space. Other, permanent renovations can end up being very expensive for your business. But rental offers a cheap and easy way to add a surprising amount of usable space for your business.

Cost Savings

A mezzanine floor gives you more space at a smaller cost. If you rent a mezzanine floor, though, you incur even greater savings. This extends past the direct cost, too. You can store more equipment, and provide more room for workers to work safely. You can expand your operations without the need to move to a larger facility.

Retail Space

If you work in a retail environment, then floor space is extremely important. A retail enterprise can use mezzanine floors to rent for many applications. Mezzanine flooring rental space is ideal for product storage, and also product displays. They can serve as a dedicated demonstration area, or as a space for employees away from the shop floor.


Our mezzanine floors offer flexibility and versatility for your factory, warehouse, office, or retail space. If you rent a mezzanine floor with us, we will ensure they suit your requirements. Our primary aim is to ensure that you incur maximum savings while increasing floor space efficiently and effectively.

Pro Storage offers a number of periods and rates for mezzanine rental.

Mezzanine Floors for Rent

We offer various lease periods:

3 Year lease agreement

2 Year lease agreement

1 Year lease agreement

Note: Exact mezzanine flooring rental pricing is subject to completion of the site assessment.

Looking for mezzanine floors to rent? Contact Pro Storage.