Elements of Safe and Effective Heavy Duty Metal Racking

Purpose and Functionality

Elements of Safe and Effective Heavy Duty Metal Racking

Elements of Safe and Effective Heavy Duty Metal Racking

Heavy Duty Racking

Metal racks come in many different types and specifications

What makes two similar items differently priced? You may think they look the same, but most of the time; one item will be of a much higher quality. The same applies for heavy duty racks. Heavy duty racking needs to apply to certain standards to ensure it’s safe to use and effective at its job!

It’s easy to assume that metal racks all fill the same role, and that they can handle the same weight. This is especially if heavy duty metal racking all advertises the same sizes and capacities. Here, we’ll look at the essential elements you should look for you your racking.

Choose Strong Materials for Your Heavy Duty Racks

The material and shape of your heavy duty racks will significantly affect performance. The material used in the columns, arms, and shelf beams will also affect your heavy duty racking. Ensure that you are getting the right material for the load types and weights you need.

Eg, Hot-rolled steel metal racks are ideal for handling high loads. They are also very resistant to damage from forklifts and other equipment. Cold-rolled steel, though, may not be ideal for high load heavy duty metal racking. Damage to this type of steel may compromise the structure, and reduce its weight capacity.

Use the Correct Tools in Your Heavy Duty Racking

For sturdy heavy duty racks, it’s essential to use strong connections between components. This is especially true in cantilever rack systems. Reason being, these systems provide unobstructed storage for long-loads. Regardless you should treat all heavy duty racking the same way in this regard.

The connections are crucial, and thus you need to use the right types of bolts. Don’t skimp out on this expense, as they make a real difference to the integrity of your metal racks.

Engineer Your Heavy Duty Metal Racks to 100% Load-Bearing

Metal Racks Heavy Duty Metal Racking

Strong joints and connections are essential in a heavy duty racking system

Your heavy duty metal racking needs to be able to handle 100% load-capacity. Moreso, it needs to handle it for long periods. This means that every rack should be able to load all it can. This is an essential aspect of good heavy duty metal racks.

Many contractors try to compensate for insufficient load-bearing designs on heavy duty racks. To do so, they will engineer the heavy duty racking for “average loading”. This is less than 100% utilisation, and reduces their efficiency.

Ensure Your Racks Are Fully Load-bearing

When it comes to storage, your metal racks may not accommodate all weights, shapes, and sizes. Some items will span the shelf and rest on the support beams, but some may not.

In future operations, you may need this functionality. Thus, it pays to plan for future modification of your heavy duty metal racking. Design your storage rack for full load-bearing, no matter where the material rests.

Use a Reputable Contractor

Your heavy duty racks will present a serious safety hazard if improperly designed. So, it’s well worth the effort to use a trusted, reputable heavy duty racking contractor.

Pro Storage has extensive experience and certification. We provide clients with metal racks and other products that adhere to established standards. What’s more, we are able to meet almost any specifications set out by the client.

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